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Avoid continuous exposure to sweat, water, perfume, creams and chemicals

Remove your jewelry before doing sports or physical activity, as well as swimming and sunbathing.

Keep your jewelry dry and if it does get wet, dry it immediately with a towel.

Always remove your jewelry before sleeping to avoid constant friction.

Clean it with a dry cloth after use, to remove grease and impurities and always store it in its CUATA jewelry suede bag.

If you follow these recommendations, the life of your jewelry and its finishes will be very long.


All our gold-plated pieces are 24k gold-plated and the silver-plated ones are pure silver-plated, as well as a galvanic coating of baked nano-ceramic Italian lacquer to give it a longer duration. Also our silver or bronze pieces have this protection, to avoid the natural oxidation of the silver or metal in question.


However, even though our ceramic nano coating is very resistant and durable, the natural friction with the skin, when wearing the jewelry, the humidity of the climate and the salinity of each place, as well as the PH of each person, makes the jewelry silver acquires a dark patina over time and eventually changes the color of your jewelry.  If it becomes dark, you can clean it with silver cleaning fluid or rub it with a fine metal polishing cloth.

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